Over 40 years since we first opened in West London, we continue to celebrate the most exciting music across six independently minded, community focussed and much loved stores.
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Staff Picks: Best of 2022

"It could have been etched into stone or written in the stars and it would still feel like it was delicately crafted just for me.…


Live Events At Rough Trade: What to Expect

Following the recent government announcement that restrictions are to formally ease, as of Monday 28th February we will no longer be asking for any proof of…


Staff Albums of the Year 2021

These are the albums that dominated our Rough Trade office playlists, soundtracked our store floors and vacated our racks for our own personal collections. Check out handpicked new music favourites from 2021.…


Record Store Day UK 2021

Everything you need to know about Record Store Day at Rough Trade... We are thrilled to be hosting another independent record store celebration once again at…

New York

Ta da... ! ROUGH TRADE NYC's Grand Opening Giveaway

In celebration of our grand NYC re-opening, we are excited to announce a monumental Rough Trade giveaway... Like so many projects in life, the creation of…


NYC Sneak Peek #6 - HADES

When it comes to the fashion of rock music, knitwear is probably not the first thing to come to mind. T-shirts have long-held a monopoly on…


NYC Sneak Peek #5 - Robbie Simon

Los Angeles-based artist, Robbie Simon, has a background of music-centric collaborations, so it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed... That's…


NYC Sneak Peek #4 - Rough Trade x Everybody.World

New York. New Store. New Merch. We've partnered with the wonderful, talented people of Everybody.World to make it happen. Born and bred in…


NYC Sneak Peek #3 - Vestaboard

In communication, there's beauty found in concision; to convey more with less. There is as much said in the spaces between words as in…