New York.

New Store.

New Merch.

We've partnered with the wonderful, talented people of Everybody.World to make it happen.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Everybody.World's approach is to create sustainable clothing for everyday people by everyday people. This ethos and approach is like catnip for us here at Rough Trade, ideals that we strive to share.

Needless to say, our collaboration with Everybody.World is one rooted in admiration. To start off, we've a few color variations on a Rough Trade x Everybody.World 'Trash Tee'...

The name “Trash Tee” might come as a curveball, but don't let that fool you... Responsibly made in South LA from 100% recycled cotton, the “Trash Tee” is intended for a lifetime of use. A high quality, eco-friendly t-shirt with a proper fit. Yes. Please.

What else? Well, when it comes to staple Rough Trade merch, beside the t-shirt, there also has to be the trusty tote bag... Our new Rough Trade x Everybody.World tote (available in black only) features embroidered Rough Trade logos on each side, but with a cheeky twist... One side has our logo... wait for it... reversed! We know, it's amazing what modern technology can do ;) Subtle? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

We'll be extending the range of Rough Trade x Everybody.World merch in the weeks and months ahead, but for now, starting June 1st, be sure to get your hands on our new eco-friendly tees and totes, while initial limited stocks last...