Of all the analog formats, the survival of the flexi disc is one that we find irresistible. The paper-thin, floppy single is as entertaining to listen to as it is just to play around with. Our admiration of the flexi disc knows few boundaries, so we decided to share the love.

Inspired by the opening of our new NYC store, we will be exclusively partnering with labels for regular Flexi Drops. Free with any purchase at the Rough Trade store, we will announce Flexi Drops via our Instagram. These will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be sure to follow @RoughTradeNYC to not miss out on the fun.

The first Flexi Drop on June 1st is from our friends at Sacred Bones: “Little Deer” by SPELLLING, the first single from her upcoming album The Turning Wheel. 500 copies of this woozy R&B track will be available, so come and get them while they’re still here.

Further Flexi Drops will be announced in due course. Keep your eyes peeled, imminent drops include Molly Burch on Captured Tracks and Iceage on Mexican Summer.

So there you have it - the future's bright, the future's Flexi - you heard it here first.