Habibi - Anywhere But Here

Review by Cam, Rough Trade NYC

"To put it simply, this record is a great, no frills rock n' roll album."
Cam + Habibi = ❤️

Habibi established their take on the punk-meets-garage-meets-bubblegum pop sound with their 2014 self titled Burger Records debut. Their new album, Anywhere But Here (Muddguts), doesn't stray too far in terms of songwriting, but certainly shows growth in their production choices.

This serves as a nice alternative to the all too common fork in the road bands face with a second LP: refuse to evolve, or alienate the audience that supported them from the beginning in exchange for a more commercially viable sound (and that sweet sweet publishing deal). Turns out you don't have to turn your back on your day one's to grow your brand, and Anywhere But Here is the perfect example.

To put it simply, this record is a great, no frills rock n' roll album. If you're looking for that next record that gives you that "sh*t I should start a band too!" feeling, this is your jam.

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