"It wasn’t something I had huge aspirations to do, but I did want to be in a band and I didn’t want to sing anybody else’s words, so I pretty much became the lyricist." Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess - lyricist, frontman, author, label-owner, Charlatan. The man beneath THE haircut unpacks the lyrics and the stories behind songs throughout his musical career. Listen back to our special in-store Q&A. Plus, Emily is back with new music, Rob's Roundup, Black Friday 2019 and is it really nearly 2020?

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Music played
Baxter Dury - Slumlord
Girl Ray - Girl
Leonard Cohen - Moving On
Queens of the Stone Age - Auto Pilot
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Orange Man
The Charlatans - One to Another
Kings of Leon - Four Kicks live in Belgium

George's Black Friday video spectacular
Tim Burgess - One, Two, Another