"The thing I like most about our story is, obviously there is a huge dose of luck in everything which I don’t take away from, but it has literally been a manifestation of a group of people who had fairly limited resources and connections, working together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts." Tim Dellow

Emily chats to the Tim and Lilas of the bold and brilliant Transgressive Records, our current Rough Trade UK Label Focus! Rob rounds-up the latest and greatest reissues and we showcase some favourite new releases including the mega new addition to the Desert Sessions family.

Music played
Spike Fuck - Junkie Logic
Desert Sessions - Noses in Roses, Forever
Sinead O'Brien - A Thing You Call Joy
Black Marble - Private Show
Jim Sullivan - Tea Leaves
Blaenavon - I Want You
Julien Chang - Of The Past
Deep Purple - Hush

Transgressive Label Focus
Counter Culture 19

Transgressive Albums