"There's a lot of misjudgements about pigs and actually they are really clever, really amazing, amazing creatures. So there's this whole idea that I'm accepting it for what it is and that's what the whole record is about." Marika Hackman

A double dose of guest action. Emily chats to Marika Hackman about her excellent third album and welcomes graphic artist Raissa Pardini to share her wisdom on the relationship between music and visual art. George is also back to solve the great mystery of Bon Iver. You'll see what we mean.

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Music played
Automatic - Calling It
Wooze - I'll Have What She's Having
Squid - Houseplants
The Nude Party - Chevrolet Van
Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend
The Meters - Cissy Strut
Kurt Vile - My Best Friends Don't Even Pass This

Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend

Emily and Marika Hackman.
Posters by Raissa Pardini.