As in so many walks of life, the coronavirus has become dominant in our thoughts, impacting both our working and personal lives.

With our stores being places where artists and audiences come together as one, the health and safety of everyone (including our staff!) is of paramount importance to us, so we'd like to make very clear where we stand on the measures we're taking when it comes to our stores, events and in general...

Our company measures follow the latest, updated official advice that encourages any staff member who's showing any initial cold/flu symptoms to remain at home and self-isolate for at least 7 days.  Needless to say, all our stores are staffed responsibly, where hand-washing and general guidance measures are being fully implemented for the health and safety of all.

Rough Trade UK Events - until advised further, our UK events are going ahead as planned. However, as the impact of coronavirus takes effect, some upcoming events may fall into one of three categories - i) postponed until further notice, in which case any associated orders will remain valid unless the customer decides to cancel; ii) cancelled, in which any associated orders will be cancelled by Rough Trade; iii) rescheduled, in which case the date of event changes and any associated order remains valid.

If an event is operated / ticketed by a third-party promoter, please follow the promoter guidelines and we will update, as with all events, any changes via our website and via our Twitter feed, @RoughTrade.

Rough Trade NYC Events - shows at Rough Trade NYC will not be happening until the date specified by the State of New York, subject to ongoing reassessment. Shows scheduled for after the end date of this moratorium are not affected and, as of now, are moving forward as planned. Our hope is that we are able to reschedule as many of the affected dates as possible, but at this time there is no information on new dates. When a new date is announced, tickets remain valid and you will be notified of the new date.

Please keep abreast on the latest status of any UK or US event via our website, and we will also notify any changes via our Twitter feeds, @RoughTrade and @RoughTradeNYC respectively.

As to be expected in the circumstances, all measures are subject to change, as we and the rest of the world continually adapt to the ongoing developments.

Photo: Naz Stone