"Everything is so visible. You can see a million nice things that people say about you, but then you see a couple of horrible things and that can ruin your whole day… It can be hard to relax...but I’m feeling happy at the minute, I’m feeling comfy."
Declan McKenna

Emily chats to the talented Declan McKenna, exploring early success, ongoing expectation at a young age and the musical influence he has cleverly woven into a set of much more personal songs for album two, Zeros.

Also! Highlights from recent Edit additions, featuring Floodlights, Emily Barker, Throwing Muses and The Lemon Twigs.

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Music played
Emily Barker - Sonogram
Throwing Muses - Bo Diddley Bridge
Floodlights - Tropical Fun
The Lemon Twigs - No One Holds You
Declan McKenna - Be An Astronaut

Declan McKenna - Zeros is out now on Columbia.
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