"It just feels like money is a dirty world when it's used around creativity. Music is so devalued these days - 'we'll give you exposure' - go fuck yourselves." Phil Taggart

Perplexed by publishing? Flummoxed by funding? Dumbfounded by DIY? How the hell do you navigate the wily ways of the music industry? BBC Radio 1's Phil Taggart might just have all the answers you're looking for - he chats to Emily. Plus don't miss brand new music and our all-new NYC round-up.

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Music played
Liam Gallagher - Shockwave
Stef Chura - Method Man
Aurora - The River
Sonic Youth Live in Battery Park - Bull in the Heather
SOAK - Everybody Loves You
Jay Som - Superbike
Dr. John - Such A Night (The Last Waltz Concert edition)

Phil Taggart's Slacker's Guide to the Music Industry

Emily and Phil