Whyte Horses - Hard Times

Review by Al Mills, Rough Trade West

"...one can even hoover to this and not worry about missing a catch because guess what…YOU ALREADY KNOW THE SONGS!"
Hard Times, Al.

Two weeks into 2020 and Whyte Horses have given the experience that is album no.3. A band who appear to have a lot of pals, Jack over at Rough Trade West was surely scandalised to discover it’s taken me this long to appreciate the magic that is: throwing in a cheeky bit of John Grant to a track and calling it a day.

This record is ideal for all occasions; specifically Saturday mornings as you eat yesterday’s crusts whilst waiting for today’s sourdough to toast. A particularly satisfying instant classic that you’ll keep grabbing even when you think you simply can’t have more; one can even hoover to this and not worry about missing a catch because guess what… YOU ALREADY KNOW THE SONGS! This is a record of re-imaginings baby from Nancy Sinatra to the Bee Gees all into one scrapbooked ear hug.

For all you shakers out here, there’s also a cover of Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi which is everything you will need to dance freely in your underwear on really good wooden flooring. Please excuse me whilst I spend the rest of the week pretending to know the words in between the “ooooooooh”.

Yam! Bam!

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