We hope everyone enjoyed the recent Record Store Day Drop #2 online experience… A BIG thank you to everyone who shopped with us, we really appreciate your custom! Our new online queuing system seemed to work a treat, allowing everyone to shop without drama, so you can expect that to be a permanent feature for all our high-demand shopping events from now on.

On a separate but related note, from this Friday 2nd October, our UK shipping rates will be changing

Firstly, we’re lowering the cost of our paid shipping options by 5-10%, so a single LP in the UK will reduce from £4.02 to £3.87, or the same item shipping to a German address will lower from £6.42 to £6.10. We know it’s only a small decrease, but as a result of us continually assessing options to improve our delivery service/options, we hope this small saving can represent a noticeable saving over time.

Secondly, our minimum free shipping spend is moving from £50 to £70, i.e. all UK based consolidated orders £70 and above will be shipped free of charge. We’re having to raise this minimum spend because we’re simply unable to afford free shipping for any less spend - the costs have become too great over recent months with the explosion of online shopping, so reluctantly we’re having to adjust accordingly.

It’s worth pointing out, if you happen to live within reasonable travel distance from one of our stores, click & collect is the simplest way to receive your orders without incurring any shipping costs. It’s also our greenest option, as the items will already be in situ.

Overall, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy your online shopping experience with Rough Trade, reassured by the fact we will keep you informed of upcoming improvements and changes, always striving to provide the best service we can, with the best offer we can. Once again, thank you for your custom!