"I think, perhaps, a lot of bands on their seventh album have probably lost a lot of inspiration... I think that is a challenge for everybody as they go through their lives... to keep searching for new things and also to feel comfortable with who they are. I think this record is an example of a band doing that."

Maxïmo Park are a band who have never shied away from disruption and change. Lead vocalist Paul Smith discusses the importance of musical evolution, working with American producer Ben Allen and penning some of his most personal songs to date, on the band's seventh album Nature Always Wins.

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Maxïmo Park - Nature Always Wins

Emily also shares recent Edit album highlights from Julien Baker, Lost Horizons, Here Lies Man and Whitney K.

Music played
Julien Baker - Favour
Here Lies Man - Collector of Vanities
Lost Horizons - One For Regret
Whitney K - Maryland
Maxïmo Park - Feelings I'm Supposed to Feel

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