"I knew we were gonna get to a point where we'd be like this, it was heading this way, incremental growth. And you can see the growth as the rooms are getting wider. So unless we start writing shit music, we’re alright."

Joe Talbot

Emily caught up with Joe, fresh from IDLES' Abbey Road lock-in and just a few weeks out from the release of the band's new baby, third album (and Rough Trade Album of the Month) Ultra Mono (Partisan). Discussing learned pressures, success, unity and self assessment, all while being given 'the eyes' by his hotel cafe croissant, this was a fun one.

Also! Highlights from our latest Rough Trade Edit picks including Fenne Lily, Mammal Hands, A Certain Ratio and Mildlife.

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Music played

Fenne Lily - I Used to Hate My Body But Now I Just Hate You
ACR - Family
Mildlife - Automatic
Mammal Hands - Chaser
IDLES - The Lover

IDLES behind the counter at Rough Trade West with Tom and Callum (2018)