"I didn’t think it would get this far, at all. I couldn’t believe people liked what we did. We resigned ourselves to the fact we are who we are and it took 20 odd years to realise that, trying to make music. We started out just being ourselves, the picture wasn’t very pretty obviously…but yeah then it just kicked off."
Jason Williamson

We're all Tied Up in Nottz as Jason Williamson, frontman and top legend of Sleaford Mods, chats to Emily about new retrospective album All That Glue (Rough Trade Records) and reflects on 7 years of making music that has struck a chord so remarkably with so many. Needless to say, we're big fans.

Emily also puts the spotlight on new Rough Trade Edit albums from Jason Isbell, Perfume Genius, Nick Hakim and I Break Horses.

Hope you're all keeping well and cheers, as always, for listening x

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Andrew Fearn and Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods.

Music played
Jason Isbell - Overseas
Perfume Genius - Without You
Nick Hakim - CRUMPY
I Break Horses - I Live At Night
Sleaford Mods - Snake It - Remastered

Sleaford Mods - All That Glue is out now!
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