Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Sideways to New Italy

Immerse yourself in this sun soaked triumph built with the sweetest grooves going. They've done it again.

Australia's Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are no stranger to Rough Trade, we've been mega fans since they first graced the Northern Hemisphere with their addictive jangly rock and pop roll. Fran, Joe, Tom, Joe and Marcel, we are overjoyed to have you back.

Wait up, is that disco I hear? A brighter, twangier outing than the debut, fuelled by bolder experimentation, all the while retaining that sure-fire sound we have come to define this talented band by. Oh, and those extended guitar-driven instrumentals we know you are all drooling for? This has it all and then some.

Pip Blom, Nap Eyes, Omni, Parquet Courts, Middle Kids, Ought

PODCAST: Joe, Fran and Tom from the band are chat to Emily for Rough Trade Edit Podcast 11. Listen now.

Rough Trade Exclusive vinyl edition + bonus disc of demos.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Sideways To New Italy, available on Rough Trade Exclusive split sky blue and milky white vinyl + bonus disc of demos.
Label: Sub Pop

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