Get Real

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Your favourite new forerunners of retro rock. Revel in the funk-filled jams, sweeping Laurel Canyon harmonies and swaggering riffs of Welsh risers CVC.

CVC - Get Real

Rough Trade Exclusive gold and white marbled vinyl + bonus disc. 



Emerging from the rural South Wales town of 'Church Village', we've fast become fans of these Welsh risers, Francesco Orsi, David Bassey, Elliot Bradfield, Ben Thorne, Tom Fry and Daniel ‘Nanial’ Jones. Despite small-town beginnings (inspiring their name in full: Church Village Collective) this is a band that appear destined for greatness, exhibiting a natural showmanship and instinctual flair for the timeless big band sound.


A tight-knit group of friends bringing a polished but playful energy to the table. The band made a clear first statement with the glittering Real to Reel EP, an initial introduction to their dynamic sound, mastering both raw psychedelia and tuneful retro-pop. Now presenting their 11-track debut, CVC are steeped in lush harmonies, their zeal recharged. We don't need to preach to the choir about their instant like-ability and urge you to see this band live immediately.


Courting, Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Gently Tender, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

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