Yard Act - The Overload

Zen FC/Island

A post-punk appraisal of the 21st century's rampant capitalism, combining the retro touchpoints of British indie, minimal 70s no-wave and MTV hip-hop.


Your favourite new British post-punk band from Leeds, Rough Trade on The Rise pick and the grooviest cynics around. Yard Act are a band with all the ingredients to garner a cult following, having already found themselves in the record collection of Sir Elton John. With a number of brilliant singles under their belt and their brand new debut landing this month, the DIY post-punkers show no signs of stopping.


“Lyrically, I think it’s a record about the things that we all do – we’re all so wired into the system of day to day that we don’t really stop and think about the constructs that define us."

A post-punk soap opera observing the imperfect nature of human beings in a world of capitalism and greed. This loosely conceptual album thrives on its sardonic wit, satirical lyrics, storytelling and developed characters, all set to a background of angular guitars and dissonant disco inspired grooves.


Ian Dury, John Cooper Clarke, Gang of Four, Chumbawamba, Dry Cleaning

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