When it comes to wonder of the artefact, something you can hold and treasure, vinyl records take some beating. Alongside records, we’d happily put the pencil. In fact, we think it would be fair to say that the humble pencil is probably one of the great artefacts in the history of humankind: egalitarian, empowering, expressive, affordable, linguistic, technical, artistic, luxurious, exotic, everyday… it’s right in front of us, we take it for granted, but boy oh boy, what a marvel it is.

So when it comes to creating a home-from-home for the independent mind, the curious of mind, a place that celebrates the freedom of self-expression, it’s a exercise made all that much easier when including the likes of Blackwing, one of the world’s great pencil manufacturers.

Rather than eulogise here about Blackwing's excellence, take a look at their own website to find out more. Even better, if you ever find yourself in New York, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, N9th, stop by our store and discover the world of Blackwing for yourself - they’ve a shipping container space in our NYC store that tells their story - a small, immersive room where you can also take their pencils for a test draw or write...

Beautifully made items, affordable to the many, to use and own, to treasure and enjoy - that’s Blackwing, we speak the same language, it’s an honour to have them share and embellish our Rough Trade NYC creative space.