DIIV - Deceiver

A grunge-shoegaze pop dream built on woozy guitars, roaring choruses and powerful songs.

This is the third album from singer/guitarist Zachary Cole Smith, guitarist Andrew Bailey, singer/bassist Colin Caulfield and drummer Ben Newman. Recorded in LA with Sonny Diperri (Nine Inch Nails/Protomartyr).

Super melodic with a nagging dischordia looming. Flowing choruses have that uber-pop sound that roars - pushing you and pulling you with a mixture of shoegazey pop bliss and giddying unease. Wistful vocals and chiming scruffy guitars build fragile but powerful ballads. Woozy guitars drive music that thrums in hypnotic, cyclical spirals.

Rough Trade Exclusive galaxy vinyl + poster and bonus 7".
Label: Captured Tracks