Cigarettes After Sex - Cry

Dark times and dark nights but it's okay - wrap yourself in this sumptuous blanket of comforting sounds and let it roll.

The Brooklynite trio of guitarist/vocalist Greg Gonzalez, bassist Randy Miller and drummer Jacob Tomsky release their second album. It was self-produced at midnight sessions in a mansion in Mallorca, engineered by Greg himself and mixed by Craig ‘Arcade Fire’ Silvey.

Sweeping, lulling strings like a sea of sound roll in engulfing anxiety and worry in a songful swoosh of calm. Soft divine vocals swoop and soar amidst the waves of notes. Songs like Elvis ballads play out stripped down, but at the same time rich and sumptuous. A luxurious velvet blanket of comforting sounds to wrap ourselves in. Some clean atmospheric echo plucked guitar. We are weary but happy.

The end of the world, but who cares.

Rough Trade Exclusive grey vinyl + poster print of Don’t Let Me Go single artwork.
Label: Partisan