Electronic art-pop artist Frankie Rose came by the shop ahead of her newest release Love As Projection.

Photos by Olivia Cummings

Formerly of bands Vivian Girls and Beverly, Frankie Rose was the drummer for the acts Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls. Her solo project under the name Frankie Rose has earned much acclaim throughout her career including her sophomore album Interstellar gaining best new music acclaim from Pitchfork.

After spending nearly two decades establishing herself across New York and Los Angeles independent music circles, Frankie Rose returns with a fresh form, aesthetic, and purpose embodied in her new album Love As Projection via Slumberland. Celebrated by countless critical and cultural outlets over the years for her expansive approach to songwriting, lush atmospherics, and transcendent vocal melodies and harmonies, Love As Projection is a reintroduction of her established style through the new lens of contemporary electronic pop.

Frankie Rose - Love As Projection

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We caught up with Frankie Rose at our NYC store for our newest session of Shoplifting. An invitation to roam the racks in pursuit of the recorded material which has most inspired and shaped her sound today.

Depeche Mode - Violator

I hope everyone in the world knows about Violator. It was a quintessential record for me because I was, I don't know, 14 when it came out or something like that. So it shaped my idea of music. It's incredible. It's a masterpiece. It always sounds timeless. It has such hits as “Enjoy the Silence” “Personal Jesus” and “World in My Eyes” and you kind of can't find a more perfect album if you ask me.

Broadcast - The Noise Made by People

I like anything by Broadcast. They are one of my favorite bands and are really, really influential on me. RIP Trish Keenan. That was really heartbreaking when that happened. This album is a perfect mix of electronic, pop, noise, and modular synths. Highly recommend it if that's your jam.

Kate Bush - The Sensual World

I love Kate Bush. I like everything she's ever done. But this has one of my favorite songs on it of all time, “Deeper Understanding”

SRSQ - Ever Crashing

She is formerly of a band called Them Are Us Too and they were very Cocteau Twins vibes; dark, but also pop. I am very excited about this record. I'm actually taking her on tour with me in May. I'm very excited about it because I'm a fan and she’s just kick-ass.

Coil - Musick to Play in the Dark

I mean, who doesn't love Coil? Maybe one of the most quintessential electronic bands of all time. So I mean, I recommend any record, especially The Ape of Naples, but this is also a good one.