Nation of Language - A Way Forward


Following on from debut album, Introduction, Presence (2020), the Brooklyn trio return with their magical synth pop formula, a resounding reiteration of 80's new wave and the golden era of synth-pop.


A polished band with a finely honed a quintessential sound. Nation of Language are the downcast yet achingly beautiful tones of lead vocalist Ian Richard Devaney, the masterful synth of Aidan Noell (synth, vocals) and the powerful melodic bass of Michael Sue-Poi (bass).


'D'you think that I could simulate
My life, but done a better way
In this fractured mind
Fractured, fractured mind
I get to feeling turned around
And turned around again'

Elegant melodies with flourishes of industrial synth lines from the Krautrock playbook. Poetically existential lyrical themes providing a dose of nostalgic melancholy you never knew you needed.


The National, New Order, Tears for Fears.

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